When Are Tissue Expanders Used During Breast Reconstruction?

A woman covering her breasts with her armBreast reconstruction is a critical part of the healing process for many women who have undergone a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery. But sometimes, surgeons need to use tissue expanders to make the healing successful. When are tissue expanders used during breast reconstruction?

This blog will help you understand tissue expanders’ importance in breast reconstruction and ensure you’re properly informed if you’re considering this procedure.

What are Tissue Expanders?

Tissue expanders are inflatable silicone devices used in breast reconstruction to stretch and expand the tissue in the chest area. Doctors insert them beneath the chest muscle or remaining breast tissue and gradually fill them with saline solution through a valve port. This process expands the tissue and creates a pocket for a permanent breast implant or your own tissue.

When Are Tissue Expanders Used During Breast Reconstruction?

Tissue expanders are utilized during breast reconstruction procedures, typically following mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery. They serve several purposes in the reconstruction process, including immediate or delayed reconstruction scenarios. 

In immediate reconstruction, tissue expanders are often placed directly after mastectomy to preserve breast skin and facilitate the eventual placement of a permanent implant. Additionally, surgeons can employ them in delayed reconstruction, which occurs months or years after initial surgery. 

Tissue expanders may also be suitable for patients who require radiation therapy post-mastectomy. It aids in maintaining skin and tissue integrity during and after treatment. 

Furthermore, tissue expanders are beneficial for individuals with insufficient breast tissue. They allow surgeons to gradually stretch and create space for a permanent implant. 

Overall, tissue expanders provide a versatile and customizable option in breast reconstruction. They ensure optimal outcomes tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

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Tissue expanders are valuable tools in breast reconstruction. They offer patients a means to gradually expand and create space for a permanent breast implant or your own tissue. 

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