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For hundreds of thousands of women each year, breast augmentation (also referred to as breast enlargement) has provided an improved breast appearance.

A breast augmentation procedure utilizes breast implants or a fat transfer to enhance the chest area. For some of our patients, this procedure provides breast volume and shape that has never been present, while for others it restores fullness and balance to their figure that has been lost during weight changes or after pregnancy.

At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons are privileged to care for women of all ages who are seeking to enhance their natural beauty. Please call 303-706-1100 to schedule a consultation to determine if this procedure is right for you. We proudly serve Denver, Lone Tree, and throughout the surrounding areas of Colorado.

What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

The personal decision to undergo breast augmentation can stem from a variety of reasons. The desire the improve your physical appearance and correct any aesthetic concerns you may have is often the biggest factor. This procedure can:

  • Increase breast fullness
  • Improve symmetry between breasts
  • Balance proportions between hips and chest
  • Increase breast projection
  • Provide more pronounced cleavage

However, the benefits of breast augmentation go beyond these physical changes and can include:

  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Increased confidence while dressed and undressed
  • Improved appearance in clothing and swimsuits

Regardless of your goals for this procedure, you should never feel the need to change your body to make someone else happy. Pursuing this surgery for your own benefit can help ensure that you are satisfied with your results for a very long time.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation if you are:

  • In good physical health
  • Realistic in your expectations
  • A non-smoker or willing to stop in order to facilitate the healing process
  • Not currently breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Unhappy with the appearance of your breasts
  • At least 18 years old for saline implants
  • At least 22 years old for silicone implants

During your initial consultation with one of our breast augmentation surgeons, we will take time to understand your goals for this procedure. We will also perform a thorough examination, answer your questions, discuss your options, and help you determine if breast augmentation is right for you.

Whether you are unsatisfied with your breasts because of their size, asymmetry, tuberous shape, or other cosmetic limitation, a breast augmentation can correct these issues and give you your confidence back! Schedule your free consultation now!

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

You’ll have a number of choices to make after you decide to undergo breast augmentation at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. These breast implant options will play a significant role in the results you achieve:

  • Implant material including saline, silicone, and memory-gel
  • Implant size
  • Position of the implant above or below the chest muscle
  • Placement of incisions

Our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will help you explore your options during your consultation. They will make recommendations based on your expectations for the procedure as well as your physical considerations.



What to Expect on the Day of Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, you will have your surgical procedure performed in one of the only dedicated cosmetic surgery centers in Colorado that is both state-licensed and accredited by the Joint Commission. This ensures your procedure will be performed according to the highest levels of safety established by the medical field.

You should arrive wearing loose clothing that you can change back into after the surgery. You will be escorted to a preoperative evaluation area where you can change into a gown. Your breast augmentation surgeon and board-certified anesthesiologist will meet with you before you enter the operating room suite. During this time, you will review the surgical consent form and have the opportunity to ask any last-minute questions.

When your breast augmentation surgery is complete and your dressings are in place, you will be moved to the recovery room. During this period, a nurse will assure your comfort and continue to monitor you closely.

How is Recovery from Breast Augmentation?

Your stay in the recovery room will last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Most patients are fully awake within 30 to 60 minutes after their surgery. Once we establish that you are ready to go home, a postoperative appointment will be scheduled and your discharge instructions will be reviewed. It is important to follow these directions in order to safely recover from your surgery.

Breast augmentation recovery infographic Post-operative instructions include limitations on:

  • Driving: You cannot drive for 48 hours after your procedure or while taking pain medicine. Please arrange a ride home after surgery.
  • Activity: You may walk and climb stairs immediately following surgery. After 2 weeks, you may resume moderate activity such as brisk walking. During the first 6 weeks, do not lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. After 6 weeks you may resume more strenuous aerobic work and lifting activities.
  • Work: Depending on your career and your rate of healing, you should be able to return to work within 1 to 2 weeks of surgery.
  • Wound Care: Your surgeon will take down your dressing at your first post-operative visit. Do not remove your dressing at home.
  • Bathing: You may shower and wash your hair 48 hours after surgery. Do not take a bath or submerge your chest in water. It is okay if the dressing gets wet in the shower but be sure to pat it dry.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: Do not smoke for the first several weeks after surgery as it impedes wound healing and can lead to serious wound complications. Alcohol consumption is dangerous while taking pain medicine. It has a tendency to worsen bleeding.

Though everyone experiences a slightly different recovery process, there is a general timeline available to help you understand what to expect after breast augmentation.

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Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breasts

Some women have breasts that are shaped narrowly, like a tube. This condition is called a "tuberous breast deformity”. 

This breast shape typically stems from how the breast develops in adolescence. Some women have a breast fold that is positioned too high on the chest or breast skin that is tight and inelastic. The tight skin and high breast fold constrict the breast tissue, forming a narrow breast shape instead of a round shape. Tuberous breasts also tend to lack cleavage. The breast tissue may also bulge around the areola, causing the areolas to look enlarged and puffy.

Like all breasts, the symmetry between tuberous breasts differs. You may have tuberous characteristics on each side, and one may be more tuberous than the other. Or, you may have one tuberous breast and a rounder breast on the other side.

The severity of tuberous breasts varies, but if you are unhappy with your breasts because of a compressed, tubular shape, then breast augmentation using implants may be a great way for you to achieve rounder, more symmetrical breasts.

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Technique

A dual plane technique is appropriate for women who have a slight amount of sagging or drooping, but not enough to justify a full breast lift.

When breast augmentation is performed with the dual plane technique, our surgeons are able to use both a subglandular (under the breast tissue and over your chest muscle) and submuscular (under the chest muscle) implant location. The average breast augmentation procedure uses one placement or the other. With the dual plane technique, the upper part of the implant is submuscular while the lower part of the implant is covered only by your breast tissue

Breast augmentation surgery with this technique “lifts” the nipple into a higher, more attractive position. The advantages of the dual plane breast augmentation technique include:

  • A decreased risk of capsular contracture 
  • A natural appearance
  • One small, inconspicuous exterior incision
  • More natural breast movement as you walk

Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting

Breast augmentation using a fat graft is a completely natural, implant-free way to increase the volume and fullness of your breasts. Although breast implants may still be necessary if you wish to enlarge your breasts by several sizes, fat grafting has allowed many women to achieve beautiful, natural looking results with a modest increase in breast size.

During this procedure, excess fat from the hips, thighs, buttocks or another donor area is removed through liposuction. This fat is then purified and reinserted into your breasts to improve their shape and fullness.

The advantages of this breast augmentation technique include:

  • Naturally augmented breasts
  • You receive additional body contouring results in the area where fat was removed 
  • No need for large incisions or breast implants
  • Breasts have a natural shape and feel

Many women are good candidates for this type of breast augmentation. One of the main candidacy factors to discuss with our plastic surgeons is whether you have an area of excess fat that can be harvested for breast augmentation.

Combining Procedures with Breast Augmentation

You may have aesthetic concerns that you wish to address that are not included in breast augmentation. The good news is that additional procedures can often be performed during your surgery to help you achieve the results you desire. These supplementary procedures can include:

  • Nipple reduction: Our experienced surgeons can reshape long, saggy, overly prominent, or asymmetrical nipples. These nipple characteristics may be a source of embarrassment, especially if they are noticeable through your clothing. To correct these concerns, an inconspicuous incision is made around the areola and excess tissue and skin is removed.
  • Inverted nipple revision surgery: Inverted nipples can be a cosmetic concern and may also cause difficulty when breastfeeding.  The inversion is caused by tension in the tissue surrounding the nipple. The stiff tissue draws the nipple inward and causes occasional or constant inversion. By releasing the tension in the tissue, our plastic surgeons can restore a more normal nipple appearance without severing the milk ducts.
  • Breast lift: This procedure can improve the appearance of moderately to severely sagging breasts. A breast lift elevates both the breast and the nipple into a more youthful position. By combining a breast lift with your breast augmentation, you may be able to achieve a more youthful appearance along with an improved breast size and shape.

Our plastic surgeons will recommend the right combination of procedures to address all of your aesthetic goals.

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