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What Are the Different Types of Breast Implants?

Woman comparing breast implant types There are several different types of breast implants available today. They come in various fill materials, textures, and shapes. Implant manufacturers have also introduced several size and projection options.

Implants play an important role in breast surgery results. Learn more about these medical devices below. Plus, find out what style our Denver board-certified plastic surgeons prefer.

Types of Breast Implants Available

Saline vs Silicone

Implants contain either a saline solution or silicone gel. Many women say that silicone implants are the most natural-feeling option. Visible or palpable rippling is also less of a concern with silicone implants.

Some silicone implants have a thicker consistency than average. They are known as form-stable implants or gummy bear implants because they maintain their shape.

Smooth vs Textured

There are smooth and textured implants. Implants with a smooth surface move within the breast pocket for a more realistic look. Meanwhile, textured breast implants have less of a tendency to move around.

It’s important to note that a rare condition called BIA-ALCL occurs most often in patients with textured implants. 

Round vs Teardrop

Implants are available in a round or teardrop shape. Round breast implants are uniform while teardrop implants are tapered towards the top.

Round implants are less susceptible to slipping out of place than shaped implants. If a teardrop implant rotates, it may create an unnatural breast appearance. Breast surgery using round implants also tends to create a fuller look.

Why We Prefer Mentor Smooth Round Implants

Our surgeons prefer the Mentor Smooth Round Silicone implant style. It’s available to breast augmentation and breast reconstruction patients and offers natural results.

As the name suggests, this implant has a smooth silicone shell and a round shape. The filling is a cohesive silicone gel.

The Mentor Smooth Round Silicone implant comes in different sizes and profiles. Our surgeons will recommend options that meet your unique goals and aesthetic preferences.

View our gallery of breast augmentation using Mentor Smooth Round Silicone Implants.

Learn More About Breast Implants During a Consultation

Find out how the Mentor Smooth Round Silicone Implant can provide the full and shapely breast appearance you desire. Schedule a consultation today at 303-706-1100. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery serves patients from Denver, Lone Tree, and surrounding Colorado areas.

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