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How Long Until You Can Work Out After Breast Augmentation?

Woman exercising after breast augmentation Many breast augmentation patients at our Lone Tree plastic surgery practice are eager to get back to their fitness routines following surgery. After all, working out has countless benefits that range from controlling weight to improving mood.

However, doing too much too soon can slow down the healing process and even cause complications. Here’s what you need to know about exercising after breast augmentation.

Timeline for Resuming Physical Activity

Give yourself permission to rest and recover following breast implant placement. Resuming your normal exercise routine too soon can increase bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Because of these consequences, it’s crucial to ease back into things.  

Start by taking short walks around the room immediately after surgery. Climbing the stairs is also appropriate. Early ambulation boosts circulation and helps prevent blood clots.

After about two weeks, you can resume moderate activity including brisk walking. Don’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for the first six weeks. After six weeks, you can resume more strenuous aerobic work and lifting activities.

Know that everyone recovers at a slightly different pace. Listen to your body — don’t push yourself to do anything that feels uncomfortable or unpleasant. If you’re unsure about whether you’re ready for a certain activity, give our office a call or consult your post-operative instructions.

Other Important Considerations

It may be a good idea to avoid strenuous chest exercises such as push-ups after breast augmentation. This is particularly true if your implants were placed under the muscle. These exercises can put pressure on your implants and can result in them moving out of the position over time.

Additionally, be sure to support your breasts during intense exercise. A well-fitting sports bra is a great option. Working out without proper breast support may cause the breast tissue to sag and stretch at a faster rate.

Questions? Contact Our Lone Tree Practice

Our board-certified plastic surgeons want to make your recovery as smooth as possible. We encourage you to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation at 303-706-1100 to learn more about working out after breast augmentation. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery proudly serves Lone Tree, Denver, and other areas of Colorado.

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