Cosmetic Breast Implant Removal

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Your breast augmentation results don’t have to be permanent. In fact, it’s completely natural for your preferences to change over time, and you may find that you no longer want breast implants. Breast implant removal surgery — also known as breast explant — is an option.

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Reasons to Remove Breast Implants Without Replacing Them

Breast implant removal by age pie chart Breast implants are not lifetime devices. At some point, old implants need to be removed.

Many women remove their implants and replace them with new ones, in a process called implant exchange. This procedure allows women to maintain the results of their initial augmentation for a long time. However, there are several reasons why women may consider removing their breast implants without replacing them.

Aesthetic Reasons for Removing Implants

You may be interested in cosmetic implant removal if you want to change the appearance of your breasts. While your implants likely helped you achieve your aesthetic goals in the past, you may now want a more natural look.

It’s possible that you got your implants when you were in your 20s or 30s, and now you want a subtler breast profile. The decision to remove implants is incredibly personal, much like the decision to undergo breast augmentation.

Our surgeons can skillfully remove your implants to create the result that you desire. In some cases, women may benefit from combining their breast implant removal with a breast lift to address any potential sagging.

You may choose to remove your implants if you:

  • Are no longer happy with the size, shape, or projection of your breasts due to implants
  • Feel that your breast implants no longer align with your personal preferences or lifestyle
  • Want your breasts to resemble their pre-augmentation appearance
  • Have realistic goals and expectations for the procedure


Some studies have suggested that women with certain types of breast implants may have a slightly increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). ALCL is not breast cancer; it is a rare and often treatable form of T-cell lymphoma. When ALCL develops around a breast implant, it is sometimes referred to as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Research is being conducted on BIA-ALCL, but few definitive conclusions have been made about the relationship between breast implants and this disease. While we discuss ALCL with our breast augmentation patients, many people feel that the minimal potential risk does not outweigh the tremendous aesthetic and emotional benefits of breast augmentation.

Hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation procedures are performed in the United States every year. What’s more, breast implants are one of the most extensively studied medical devices.

However, some women may choose to remove their implants for peace of mind after learning about BIA-ALCL. Our surgeons will gladly discuss this subject with you, and they will move forward with implant removal if that is what you decide to do.

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Some plastic surgeons may try to dissuade women from removing their breast implants without replacing them. At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we will always respect the decisions that you make about your body, and we will work with you to achieve the outcome that you desire.

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