What Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

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TRANSCRIPT: So breast augmentation is a procedure that has changed dramatically over the last ten years, from a procedure that had a fairly significant, painful recovery, to a procedure that’s really fairly straightforward. Most of our patients will experience no sharp surgical pain, only a little bit of pressure across the chest itself. Because of this, most patients are off of narcotics and back to most of their normal activities within a day or two. Strenuous activities or heavy lifting will have to wait for several weeks, and it will be important for you to communicate with your doctor about your specific restrictions as it relates to your job or other activities. I’m Dr. Jeremy Williams, a board-certified plastic surgeon here at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. If you have more questions about how breast augmentation might affect your lifestyle, we encourage you to contact our office at 303-706-1100 or via our website at parkmeadowscosmeticsurgery.com.