How Do I Know if Something Is Wrong with My Breast Implant?

Breast implants have been studied extensively and are widely considered safe. That said, it’s possible to run into issues after breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. Symptoms such as breast tightness, changes in breast volume, and visible rippling may indicate something is wrong. If you are experiencing breast implant problems, contact our board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your candidacy for implant removal or replacement in Lone Tree.

Warning Signs of Breast Implant Problems

It is normal to have temporary pain, swelling, bruising, and tightness after getting breast implants. However, it is not normal to have lasting problems or complications, such as:

  • Hardening of the breast tissue
  • Visible creases, folds, or rippling
  • Poor scarring
  • Persistent pain
  • Incorrect implant positioning
  • Changes in breast shape or volume
  • Significant asymmetry 
  • Excessive implant movement 
  • Dissatisfaction with your cosmetic results

Keep in mind that symptoms such as excessive pain, bleeding, swelling, redness at the incision site, or a fever over 101 degrees should be treated as medical emergencies. Call your surgeon right away if you experience any of them, especially during the early stages of your recovery.

What Does a Ruptured Implant Feel Like?

Breast implants are vulnerable to wear and tear and can even rupture. If that happens, it is important to remove and replace the damaged implant promptly to prevent further issues.

Saline ruptures are usually obvious. Your breast will become noticeably smaller as the implant deflates. Silicone implants can be harder to detect. You may notice a change in your breast shape. It is also possible to experience breast firmness or tightness due to inflammation. However, a routine MRI is the only way to make sure that your silicone implant is still intact.

Contact Our Denver Breast Implant Removal Surgeons

You have to do what is right for your body. Removing or replacing your breast implants could be the best way to address the symptoms you have been experiencing after your initial surgery.

Call 303-706-1100 today to schedule a consultation. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery serves Denver, Lone Tree, and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

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