5 Amazing Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

You may find yourself thinking that your breasts are too big for your body several times a day. Fishing your bra strap out of a painful groove in your shoulder, struggling to fasten the middle button on your shirt, and noticing skin irritation along your breast crease are just a few examples. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery is capable of solving these and other difficulties.

Some of the most amazing and rewarding benefits that this procedure has to offer include:

  • A more balanced figure: Overly large breasts can disrupt the ideal ratio between your chest and hips. That can leave you feeling like your body is not in proportion.
  • A reduction in painful symptoms: People with heavy breasts often experience shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, poor posture, and other physical consequences. It is also common to struggle with issues such as skin irritation along the breast crease.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence: Sometimes, big breasts are more than a functional issue. They can draw unwanted attention and carry social stigmas. Additionally, they might not align with your aesthetic preferences and what you find beautiful. Over 30,000 people had breast reduction surgery performed for purely cosmetic reasons in 2020 alone, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • More clothing options: We all know the struggle of finding clothes that fit properly. However, if you have very large breasts, you may be even more familiar with this dilemma. It can be particularly difficult to shop for dresses and button-down shirts. Many breast reduction patients find they can effortlessly expand their wardrobes after surgery.
  • Increased participation in physical activities: When you have large breasts, you might have to layer sports bras or stick to low-impact workouts to stay comfortable. The problem with activities such as running and jumping is they can cause excessive breast movement that many people find painful or embarrassing. After a breast reduction, you should be able to participate in the workouts of your choice — without your boobs holding you back.

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