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4 Daily Habits That Can Cause Sagging Breasts

Smiling woman wearing a blue bra We tend to blame the aging process for the changes that happen to our skin. In reality, there are many other factors at play too. Take breast sagging for example. You might be accelerating the process every day without knowing it! Here are four habits that can cause your breasts to sag:

  1. Smoking: It’s very tough to quit smoking. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should. In addition to increasing your risk of health issues, smoking can also contribute to premature breast sagging. That’s because the chemicals degrade the fibers in your skin that make it strong and springy. These fibers are called collagen and elastin. 
  2. Crash dieting: Rapid and dramatic changes in weight take a toll on your skin. It stretches to accommodate those extra pounds and eventually loses the ability to snap back into place. Try to make small healthy changes instead of taking unrealistic steps.
  3. Wearing the wrong bra: It’s important to wear a bra that keeps your breasts secure. Excessive breast movement might stress your skin and ligaments over time. High impact workouts, in particular, call for a sports bra that fits well and offers a lot of support.
  4. Not applying sunscreen: Many people are great about slathering their faces in SPF every morning. You probably are too. However, are you one of the few who can remember to bring the product down to your neck and chest? Unprotected sun exposure in these areas weakens the skin that supports a youthful and elevated breast position.

Breast sagging is something that most women will experience at some point in their lives. But if you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of drooping breasts or low nipples, then you’re in luck. 

Breast lift surgery removes and tightens excess skin to achieve a perkier breast position. It can also elevate the nipples and reduce the size of enlarged areolae. In short, a breast lift does what no creams, treatments, or exercises can accomplish. It offers real results that will last for years.

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