What to Expect When You Downsize Your Breast Implants

Pretty Woman Posing in LingerieSometimes the look you loved a decade ago isn’t the same one you want now. As your lifestyles and tastes change, it’s normal to want to see that reflected in your appearance. At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we’ve helped numerous women change out their breast implants for a smaller size that better suits their life now. If you’re ready to make the switch, read on to learn more about what to expect, or call our Denver area practice at 303-706-1100 for a complimentary consultation.

Can I Replace My Breast Implants With a Smaller Size?

Many women wonder if it’s even possible to switch out larger breast implants for a smaller size. Fortunately, it is! However, visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon like those at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is important if you decide to downsize your implants. Dr. Jeremy Williams has extensive experience in breast implant downsizing and will ensure you get the best possible cosmetic result.

Does Breast Implant Downsizing Cause Sagging Skin?

Reducing your implant size will also reduce your overall breast volume. If you have larger implants from your last breast augmentation, your skin may also be thinner in that area. If you’re only slightly downsizing and have good skin elasticity, you might not have noticeable skin laxity. However, if you experience sagging skin, a breast lift can be performed simultaneously with your implant replacement procedure. This can give you both the size and shape you want.

What Are the Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants?

There are a few significant benefits of downsizing breast implants. Some reasons you might consider this procedure are:

  • Feeling like your implants are proportional to the rest of your physique.
  • Making strenuous exercise more comfortable.
  • Better fitting into certain styles of clothing for professional or personal reasons.
  • Lowering the weight of heavier implants to reduce back pain.

Whether your reasons for downsizing your breast implants are cosmetic or comfort-related, smaller implants could help you align how you feel with how you look again.

Schedule Your Breast Implant Downsizing Consultation

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery have helped countless women achieve the look they want with breast implant downsizing. If you’re ready to make the leap and enjoy a new physique, contact our Lone Tree, Colorado practice at 303-706-1100.

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