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Increasingly recognized as a crucial part of any operating room’s set of adjunctive visual aids, the SPY Elite® System is being used across the US in a growing number of hospitals, including Skyridge Medical Center. Because ensuring adequate blood flow is such an important part of most surgeries, the SPY Elite® System is used in a number of areas and procedures, including breast reconstruction.

Dr. Jeremy Z. Williams and Dr. Christopher G. Williams are proud to partner with SPY Elite® in an effort to bring you state-of-the-art technology during your breast reconstruction surgery.

How Is SPY Elite® Being Used in Breast Reconstruction?

In an implant-based reconstruction, our surgeons are using SPY Elite® to visualize blood supply to the mastectomy skin flaps throughout the procedure. With a better understanding of blood supply at the time of surgery, Dr. Jeremy Z. Williams and Dr. Christopher G. Williams can make decisions intraoperatively that can result in better outcomes for the patient.

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In an autologous tissue-based reconstruction, our surgeons are using SPY Elite® to visualize blood supply to the surface of the patient's tissue that will be transferred to reconstruct the breast. This tissue is comprised of skin, fat and sometimes muscle, all of which need adequate blood supply to thrive in its new environment.

The SPY Elite® System’s HD video camera and near-infrared light source make it possible for surgeons to visualize what they previously could not — blood flow in skin and tissue. In addition to real-time visualization of blood flow, the SPY Elite® System gives surgeons on-screen visual tools for objectively analyzing blood flow during your actual surgery. Video and images captured and streamed to the SPY Elite® System’s HD displays are also saved for later, giving surgeons a powerful means of further analysis.

Real-Time Visualization

Even a few hours of impaired blood flow can cause irreversible tissue or organ damage. The ability to see blood flow in real time during surgery is a significant technological advancement.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is our first priority at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. The SPY Elite® System’s near-infrared light source emits no ionizing radiation, and the SPY Elite® fluorescence agent (administered into the bloodstream) has a 50-year safety record.

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