Earlobe Repair

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Earlobe repair is a common type of ear surgery with a high patient satisfaction rate. It’s typically performed to correct damage caused by injury or torn-out earrings. It can also restore the normal contour of gauged earlobes.

Fortunately, earlobe repair is a simple cosmetic procedure. It’s usually over in less than an hour and requires no downtime.

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Candidates for Earlobe Surgery

Ideal candidates for earlobe surgery have:

  • Slightly enlarged piercings that are too big to hold a standard stud
  • Stretched earlobes from large gauge plug and tunnel jewelry
  • Stretched earlobes from age or wearing heavy earrings
  • A torn or split earlobe, commonly caused by ripped-out earrings

Even small earlobe imperfections can feel like a big problem. That’s why patients often report improved self-image after surgery. Some gain the confidence to wear pulled-back hairstyles for the first time in years.

The Earlobe Repair Procedure

Earlobe repair is a relatively simple and quick procedure. In nearly all cases, our surgeons perform it using local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is beneficial for several reasons. It allows patients to see their results and provide feedback before the surgery is over. And unlike patients who receive general anesthesia, patients who receive local anesthesia can drive themselves home.

The exact steps needed to close the stretch or tear can vary. Our surgeons typically create a small notch in the affected earlobe, removing excess tissue if necessary. Then, they meticulously suture the earlobe back together to restore an optimal appearance.

The procedure typically lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Your surgical timing will depend on if you are having one or both ears done, and the extent of your concern.

Earlobe Surgery Recovery

Earlobe surgery requires minimal recovery. It’s normal to feel a mild throbbing sensation after the anesthesia wears off. This sensation can easily be controlled with over the counter pain medicine. Some patients may require a light narcotic for the day, though this is uncommon.

You won’t need to wear any special dressings after your procedure. However, our surgeons choose not to use absorbable sutures for earlobe repair. Nonabsorbable sutures help minimize scarring. They also allow our surgeons to check your progress when you return to have them removed.

View our earlobe surgery post-op guidelines.

Earlobe Surgery Results

Earlobe surgery provides immediate results that improve as the area heals. There may be some scarring, but in most cases it’s faint and nearly undetectable.

View photos of this procedure in our before and after earlobe repair gallery.

The results of earlobe repair are permanent, though the procedure does not stop age-related aesthetic changes. You can prevent future tears by choosing to wear lightweight studs over heavy dangle earrings.  If you do wear large earrings, be sure to remove them in situations where they are likely to catch on something. Also, remove large earrings around children who may be tempted to pull on them.

Earlobe Surgery FAQs

Will a split or stretched earlobe repair itself?

In most cases, damaged ears do not heal sufficiently without surgical intervention. They can even become infected in the absence of appropriate care.

 If you have gauged earlobes, removing your plug or tunnel jewelry will help stop the stretching. Some people can reduce the size of their earlobe by going down in gauge sizes, but many require earlobe surgery to achieve a satisfactory result.

Can I get my ear pierced again after earlobe repair?

Woman wearing earring after earlobe repair in DenverYou can get a stretched or torn earlobe re-pierced after earlobe repair surgery with a few limitations. You will need to wait six to eight weeks after your procedure to ensure proper healing. Additionally, our surgeons strongly advise you not to get your ear pierced in the same spot as before.

The scar tissue at the surgical site is not as strong as normal skin. It’s in your best interest to have your ear re-pierced slightly outside of that area.

How much does earlobe repair cost?

The cost of your earlobe repair procedure will depend on several factors. These factors include whether you wish to have surgery on one or both ears.

Insurance typically does not cover this procedure as it is considered elective. You can receive an individualized cost estimate by scheduling a consultation at our practice.

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Earlobe repair is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can significantly improve various cosmetic concerns. Learn if this surgery is right for you by scheduling a complimentary cosmetic consultation at 303-706-1100. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery serves Denver, Lone Tree, and nearby areas of Colorado.