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After having a digital mammogram and two biopsies in my left breast, I was diagnosed with "In situ Carcinoma". My cancer was stage "0" because of the early detection. However, since I had to have a biopsy in two different areas of my left breast, a lumpectomy would not have left my breast intact.

After talking with my breast surgeon and oncologist, and my husband, I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy as I did not want to take the chance of cancer occurring in my right breast at some future date. After making that decision, I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery.

From the moment I walked into Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, I know I was in the right place. The first time I met Dr. Jeremy Williams, I was impressed with his expertise in breast reconstruction and also his mission to allow a woman who is faced with a mastectomy to look and feel normal after such a radical surgery. I had a DIEP Flap reconstruction, which used tissues from my abdomen to form new breasts. From the moment of surgery throughout the recovery process, I had the best of care from Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams and their entire staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. During my follow-up surgeries, again, I had the best of care. My husband was present at almost all of my appointments and was made to feel welcome and comfortable as well.

I am very pleased with my results and I would not hesitate to refer the doctors and staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to anyone who is faced with breast cancer and the decision to have breast reconstruction surgery.
- T.C.
There are not enough accolades to give to Dr. Williams. I have had extensive medical care and surgeries and have seen quite a few doctors for consultations and care. Dr. Williams is the best doctor of all the  doctors I have seen, not only from the perspective of his "bedside" manner, but also because he does such superior work.

his staff are warm and caring. Then I met Dr. Williams and he made me feel very comfortable. He is a very good listener, very professional and very knowledgeable. He also was very honest with me and  explained to me what he could do and not do. I really appreciated his honesty.
- J.E.
I was under the care of Dr. Jeremy Williams and the staff of PMCS for about a year and half. During that time I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, expanders, DIEP Flap reconstruction and three revisional surgeries using liposuction to "even out" my newly reconstructed breasts. The outcome is better than what I started with. Breast cancer is a disease that threatens to steal your femininity. At PMCS, I always felt confident in the care I was receiving. I felt respected and cared for as a patient and understood as a woman during an extremely stressful and frightening time in my life.

I cannot thank Dr. Jeremy and PMCS enough for giving me back my life and femininity. I know that the Lord placed you in my life and I am forever grateful. I look and feel better than I have in a very long time.
- R.R.
I have a strong history of breast cancer in my family. Both my mom and her mom had it. I had genetic counseling and my risk of getting breast cancer in my lifetime is at least 33%. (The average American woman has a 12% chance). I chose not to have the actual genetic testing because my mom did have the testing done and she is BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative. I decided that even if I tested negative it would mean nothing to me since my mom is negative and still had it in both breasts. I am having a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I do not have cancer. This is a preventive surgery. It took several months of doctor appointments, testing, getting the insurance company to approve, etc. I am proud of myself for taking this journey! I am convinced I will get breast cancer and by being proactive I feel like I am doing everything I can to be around for another 40 years. The procedure that is basically unknown has to do with the reconstruction. It is called DIEP Flap and instead of having implants, my new breasts will be made of my own belly fat! A similar procedure, TRAM Flap, has been done for 20 years. The difference is that the TRAM Flap requires abdominal muscle to be removed along with the fat in order to get blood flow. The risk is abdominal weakness, with the worst case scenario being not having the ability to sit up. I didn't want that risk, and had no interest in implants, so had decided not to have reconstruction at all. Then I found out about DIEP Flap. It is microsurgery, so there will be no muscle removed. And I get a tummy tuck as part of it! So that's it. The procedure has been done for several years in other parts of the country, although there are currently only about 65 surgeons in the U.S. who can do the surgery. The only surgeons in Colorado who do it are the two who will be working on me. I have complete confidence in my surgeons. They were trained at Johns Hopkins and have years of experience. They are also really good guys. I am happy about all this, so am a great candidate to help spread the word. I take this opportunity seriously. It's my small way of helping the world. I hope and pray no one you know will ever need to know about the DIEP Flap procedure. Unfortunately, odds are you will. I know it is very overwhelming to get the cancer diagnosis. If knowledge of this procedure helps your mother, your sister, your friend, I would be so glad!
- K.B.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude and support for the entire staff of Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. I can honestly say that every experience I have had there was beyond my expectations. I was originally referred by my surgeon in the whirlwind of a breast cancer diagnosis. The wonderful staff got me in the same day my surgeon determined I needed a mastectomy to allow my husband, who was leaving on a business trip, to participate in my first consultation. I am sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights as I had only learned a few hours before that I needed a mastectomy, and knew nothing about my options for reconstruction. From the moment I walked in, the staff was so warm and compassionate. I was a bit uneasy about going to a plastic surgeon’s office, but I instantly felt comfortable and welcome. Every option, question and concern was answered to its full extent in my initial consultation. We finalized our decision and began scheduling that day. The staff did an incredible job of managing the needs of my family, the doctors and the hospital to schedule surgery in just over a week. I think back now to all of the insurance company roadblocks leading up to my bilateral DIEP Flap Reconstruction and I still can’t believe that my wonderful patient coordinator was able to coordinate all of the necessary parties and ensure that my procedure would be covered. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to know there was some semblance of order in an otherwise out of control situation, and that I was on my way to putting my cancer diagnosis behind me.
From the first appointment and surgery, it was clear to me that Dr. Chris Williams and Dr. Jeremy Williams knew exactly what they were doing, and I was so thankful that this technology was available to me in Denver. Not only were their credentials impeccable, but they really seemed to understand what I was going through and helped me overcome my concerns and fears. Almost as important as their skill levels, both doctors and each of the nurses were incredibly personable. To be honest, it is not the most comfortable feeling to have your breasts examined regularly, but I soon felt comfortable because everyone was so great about talking with me and diverting my attention from the matter at hand. All of my procedures related to my breast reconstruction went wonderfully. I always felt that I was well informed about the procedures and my expected recoveries, and I felt the doctors and staff had my best interests in mind. I recall waking several times at odd hours in the days and nights following my initial surgery to find Dr. Chris checking on me, when most doctors would have been home enjoying their families. It is this level of personal service and caring that sets Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery apart. In summary, I would wholeheartedly recommend Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery for breast cancer patients, or any patients for that matter. Quite honestly my breasts and stomach look much better than I could have ever imagined, and I have met a number of incredible people throughout this process. I have referred a number of friends to the practice and they too have had wonderful experiences. My most heartfelt thanks go out to the doctors and staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery for taking what started as a terrible situation and turning it into a fabulous experience given the circumstances. I hope you all know what an incredible difference you make in people’s lives!
- J.K.
I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal and infiltrating lobular breast cancer. Upon learning that, in my case, a mastectomy was my best chance to survive, I was counseled to consult plastic surgeons right away in the event I would choose breast reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy. After visiting with several area plastic surgeons, I had emphatically decided not to undergo breast reconstruction. Then I met Dr. Christopher Williams and Dr. Jeremy Williams.

When I hear that there were two doctors performing new, state-of-the-art breast reconstruction procedures, I reluctantly scheduled yet one more plastic surgery meet-and-greet to find out if there was a stone I’d left unturned. Upon leaving the Dr. Williams’ office, I began considering breast reconstruction for the first time. They sat with my partner and I for over two hours, explaining in detail the procedure they recommended using a DVD designed to educate patients. They carefully and candidly answered all of our questions. I was impressed that they each shared their personal reasons for choosing to specialize in breast reconstruction: the plastic surgeon’s road less traveled. Within less than a day I had decided I wanted the DIEP flap breast reconstruction and we scheduled it.

It happened that during surgery, the doctors discovered that I had the perfect vascular anatomy for one of the rarer new techniques called the SIEA flap. The procedure is rare only because a very small percentage of women have the vascular anatomy it requires. It is also a less invasive surgery and results in a bit shorter recovery time. The Dr. Williams’ ability to discover this rare anatomy, alter the surgical plan in the moment, and forge on to perfectly perform a very rare procedure is a testament to the focus, the impeccable attention to detail, the confidence and the skill that these doctors embody.

Dr. Chris and Dr. Jeremy are not only brilliant surgeons with a rare combination of advanced micro-surgical skills; they are kind, empathic, and respectful humans. While I know I would have continued to love my body with or without breast reconstruction, I am very pleased with my decision and with the results.
- E.D.
In 2009, I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation, after my mother, recently diagnosed with breast cancer also tested positive. I learned that women with this mutation have an 80% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. Many BRCA women elect prophylactic bilateral mastectomy—I did the research and considered it. But at that time in Colorado, the reconstruction options seemed limited. I had heard about surgeons back east doing reconstruction with your own tissue, but that you'd have to travel. I decided that, at 40, I could wait a few years and see what new techniques might be available then. 

Chris due to its complexity and duration, so I finally met Dr. Chris who I was equally impressed with. Recovery was difficult for the first two weeks, but then each day got easier. Dr. Jeremy and his staff were always supportive and helpful. I knew I could call anytime with concerns, and Dr. Jeremy would pick up the phone!

with my final results.

I would recommend the Williams doctors to anyone needing breast reconstruction. They both are amazingly passionate about what they do, skilled beyond measure, and uniquely understanding and  empathetic. They brought joy to an experience that was far from joyful. Most importantly, they made  me whole. For that, I can't thank them enough.
- L.B.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 11 years my immediate thoughts were "this means a mastectomy and then I will need to find some means of reconstruction." I was not thrilled with the reconstruction techniques I was aware of. I did not like the idea of an implant which was a foreign matter in my body and would have to be replaced down the road. I understood that a TRAM flap would compromise my abdominal muscles which I depend on for an active life. My goal was to have a healthy body that could keep me active and to not have to get dressed with extra pieces for the next 50 years. I was thrilled to discover the DIEP reconstruction option in my research and to discover a team doing this technique here in Colorado. From my first consultation with Dr. Jeremy to my final appointment declaring that we are finished, I have felt supported and encouraged. Drs. Jeremy and Christopher are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled and caring. The ladies on staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Center have all been supportive, professional, and capable. I have been treated as a real personal and not as a body part. Even the hospital stay at Skyridge Medical Center was much better than any other hospital experience I have had in my life so far. DIEP Flap reconstruction surgery is a process and journey. There are several steps and it takes a year or more to get to the end. As with any journey there are ups and downs. But I am thrilled with the results and felt supported and cared for all along the way. I reach my goal of a cancer free body that has all its muscles still in the intended places functioning as designed. I don’t have to get dressed with any extra pieces. I had a unilateral mastectomy and reconstruction and the match with my native side is amazing. I just wore an elegant dress to my daughter’s wedding and had no concerns at all about how my new body looks. Thank you Drs. Williams, Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery staff and Skyridge for taking care of me.
- R.J.
Switching to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery post mastectomy and mid-reconstruction was the best choice we made. Dr. Jeremy Williams expertly took me through the process of single breast reconstruction, correcting the initial path and producing a far better result than I envisioned throughout my breast cancer nightmare.

I had unilateral DIEP flap reconstructive surgery and not only do I not have an implant (as Dr. Williams used all of my own body tissue), but the outcome was also tremendous! Post mastectomy, we started with a different plastic surgeon with the "standard implant path" but realized that the outcome from that process was going to be limited and, in my case, not true to my prior self. My new left breast looks and hangs like my healthy right breast.

My husband is thrilled and says that Jeremy Williams' artwork is like comparing a 6th grade drawing to a Renier! I am grateful and lucky to have found Park Meadows Cosmetic surgery to repair my body after having had breast cancer. I felt I directed my own medical path, with supportive, compassionate and highly competent "team mates" at the office, and [my patient care coordinator] caringly accommodated all my scheduling needs with a smile on her face. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Jeremy Williams for restoring my sense of femininity, which has allowed me to resume a satisfying marital life.

I would be honored to help other breast cancer survivors by representing the outstanding work of Dr. Jeremy Williams in photos on your web site, or by speaking with any women caught in her breast cancer nightmare as she navigates herself through and out of the fog!
- S.K.
I felt very well taken care of – I have a lot of trust and respect for my doctor and his staff.
- R.S.