Which Breast Reconstruction Method is Right For Me?

As a woman who is considering breast reconstruction, you may want to know the specific options available to you. The two main techniques are implant-based or tissue flap-based. Implant-based uses a saline or silicone breast implant to restore breasts. The flap-based method uses a section of your own tissue – we prefer a flap of fat and skin from your abdominal area that doesn't use any muscle from the donor site – to reconstruct the breasts.

BRCA Gene Reconstruction

BRCA Breast Cancer ScreeningAt Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we often help Denver-area women who have recently undergone treatment for breast cancer. Treating breast cancer will sometimes require a mastectomy, which is a difficult experience for a woman to go through.

TV Host Sandra Lee recovering from Double Mastectomy

Celebrity Chef and author Sandra Lee is recovering at home after a double mastectomy that she underwent in late May. Earlier in May, Ms. Lee announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. In a candid interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, Ms. Lee said she had previously undergone a lumpectomy that unfortunately was not able to remove all the cancer.