3 Common Myths About Gynecomastia

Man exercising outsideGynecomastia is a condition that causes swollen male breast tissue. It’s thought to affect between 50 to 65% of boys and men worldwide. The condition is so widespread that it’s surprising how much misinformation can be found about gynecomastia. Here are three common myths that our board-certified plastic surgeons in Denver and Lone Tree want to put to rest.

1. Only Overweight Men Have Gynecomastia

Enlarged male breasts can affect men regardless of their weight. It isn’t always a sign that you’re neglecting your physical fitness. Even guys who are lean struggle with this condition.

Some of the following factors may be to blame for your gynecomastia:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Health conditions
  • Drugs and alcohol 
  • Steroid use

2. Diet and Exercise Can Always Fix Gynecomastia 

Many men resolve to eat clean and hit the gym — only to find that their breasts don’t shrink. This scenario is actually quite common. That’s because diet and exercise aren’t always the answer.

After all, gynecomastia isn’t just about excess fat. People with true gynecomastia also have excess glandular tissue in their breasts. Unfortunately, glandular tissue doesn’t respond to exercise.

3. There’s No Treatment for Enlarged Male Breasts

Trying to shrink your chest can feel like a losing battle. However, it’s important to realize that there are ways to make gynecomastia go away. Some men have achieved great results from things as simple as changing their medications or treating an underlying medical condition.

If these measures don’t reduce the swelling that you’re experiencing, then surgery might be the answer. Male breast reduction is an effective and lasting way to get a more masculine chest.

Are you interested in seeing what gynecomastia surgery can achieve? View our before and after gallery of male breast reduction patients

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