Dr. Christopher Williams in Colorado Health & Wellness Magazine

Dr. Williams Interviewed

Dr. Christopher Williams was interviewed for a recent article, "Genetic Experts Important to Breast Cancer Team," for the Colorado Health & Wellness Magazine. He emphasizes that patients should understand that they have options when it comes to breast reconstruction, including delayed reconstruction, autologous tissue reconstruction, or even doing nothing until they feel ready to make reconstruction decisions.

BRA Day CeleBRAtion

Do you know your options when it comes to breast reconstruction in Denver? Dr. Jeremy Williams, Dr. Christopher Williams, and the Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery staff believe everyone should be aware of their reconstruction options post mastectomy. Therefore, on October 17, 2012 we held a BRA Day CeleBRAtion to help raise awareness about the numerous options women have when it comes to breast reconstruction in Denver. Hoping to spread awareness past the month of October, we welcome women to our center during and after their battles with breast cancer. Learn more about breast reconstruction in Denver by watching the video above.