"I loved all the information, good and bad. Everyone is very helpful and pleasant. I recommend everyone to you guys.”

- M.R.

"I had breast augmentation 16 years ago, thinking I had saline implants until my latest mammogram in May 2012. I was told that the implants were silicone, and they appeared to be encapsulated with calcification and a lot of pain. I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor, where she reviewed the results and suggested having the implants replaced. She gave me Dr. Jeremy Williams name to examine me. Dr. Jeremy Williams was able to see me shortly thereafter. After the initial examination, we discussed the options and because of the age, decided to replace them and due to my concern and pain not knowing what I had in me. So we did the replacement; the old implants were so bad—at stage 4 calcification—that’s why the incorrect mammogram reading. I feel so wonderful now. No more pain. I am so pleased with Dr. Williams and his whole staff. They are all truly professional and their facility is spectacular. I will only use Dr. Jeremy Williams from now on. Thank you so much!"

- P.B.

“You are all so personable and caring. That’s the key!”

- **

"Dr. Williams went above and beyond to make sure I was alright after surgery. He doesn’t take any risks and I felt very comfortable with him."

- K.M.

"The care I received from consult to post op was exceptional. Any questions/concerns I had were responded to immediately."

- K.W.

"Dr. Chris Williams always explains the surgery with precise details. He’s a detail guy. You leave knowing you are in great hands. You will look a lot better leaving than you did coming in!"

- L.B.

"Every step of this procedure was excellent."

- L.S.

"After going through all the necessary medical treatment for breast cancer—surgery, chemo, and radiation—I couldn’t wait to get put back together. Dr. Chris Williams did just that. Thanks, Dr. Williams, for being so caring and doing an amazing job getting me to feel better about how I look."

- M.C.

"The entire group of people at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery provided a very nurturing and caring environment during a very confusing and scary time in my life. All questions were answered thoroughly without feeling hurried... Chris Williams and staff have it all figured out!"

- M.M.

"You took good care of me, even when it was an unrelated issue. Very good at explaining things and patiently repeating things as necessary. The “good recovery” flowers were a beautiful surprise. Keep doing what you’re doing! Everyone was knowledgeable, pleasant, compassionate, and patient."

- J.D.