"My journey began in February 2013 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  Among my first thoughts were "what will I do"?   "How will I look and feel with my natural breasts removed?". My mother and sister both had breast cancer and mastectomies 20 years ago. I thought “Oh my, will I look like that” (it wasn’t pretty).  I was referred to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Dr’s Jeremy Williams and Chris Williams.  I never thought I’d have those words in my vocabulary.  Cosmetic surgery??? I didn’t know what to expect.  During my initial appointment, Dr.  Jeremy explained all the options that were available to me for breast cancer reconstruction.   He was very patient and kind.  He and the staff calmed my fears and answered all my wacky questions (ahhh chemo brain)… several times.  He described the procedures and possible outcomes and together we created a game plan. I was intrigued with the DIEP procedure and how we could use my own body tissue and fat to create my breasts.  After Dr. Jeremy explained this pioneering technique and that both he and Dr. Chris had successfully performed this procedure,  I decided that was what I wanted.  After doing my own research (when I had the energy) I was more  confident in the skill of both doctors. The passion, warmth, care and support of Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris and the compassionate and highly competent staff at PMCS during one of the most devastating traumas of my life was the cornerstone of my successful reconstruction and the beautiful outcome. Going through this was made just a little bit easier with my team at PMCS.  I look in the mirror and feel like my old self again.   They made me whole again."

- J.P.

"Dr. Chris completely changed my Breast Cancer journey. I met him while in the hospital for cellulitis and because of his compassion and understanding, I completely change my reconstruction program. Not only did Dr. Chris work with me on my options, but he also consulted with my oncologist and infectious disease doctor to insure the best outcome for my decision. He removed my tissue expanders where the cellulitis had developed, and replaced them with implants. When I began having trouble with the implants, he and Dr. Jeremy performed a bilateral DIEP flap. I could not be more pleased with the results. I have had 3 fat grafting sessions since the DIEP and this has all been done in less than 1 year. Dr. Chris, and everyone at PMCS, restored my self-image. I once again feel feminine and beautiful and I could not be more pleased. Thank you Dr. Chris! I will shout your praises from the mountain tops and thank God for putting you in my life. I fully and completely recommend PMCS and would be happy to share my story and discuss any part of my journey."

- A.P.

"I had superb care from beginning to end. My DIEP flap surgery was complicated by tight radiated skin and a bilateral mastectomy six years earlier. I received realistic information about what DIEP flap reconstruction could do or me. I loved the outcome of my various surgeries. Dr. Jeremy always made time for me in my many follow-up visits.  The nurses were so caring and the entire atmosphere was nurturing. I had DIEP done to erase the tightness I had experienced for half a dozen years but what I got was support and restoration and a much better life."

- J.M.

"Because of the required treatment for my initial diagnosis of breast cancer, my only option when it occurred a second time was a mastectomy. I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Based on the information provided and the fact that I’d had radiation treatment after a lumpectomy the first time, I chose the DIEP procedure since previous radiation makes infection with other procedures more common. I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams and my entire experience with him and his staff has been such a blessing.  His expertise and caring are unsurpassed!  His staff have been so kind and helpful as they’ve helped me through this “bump in the road”.  I am convinced I made the right decision with the DIEP procedure and am so grateful for the excellent care I received from Dr. Williams, his staff, the hospital and the oncology physical therapy to which I was referred. I would hardily recommend Dr. Williams and his practice to anyone facing reconstruction after cancer and would highly recommend DIEP when appropriate."    


- I.W.

"The surgeons and staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery were amazing and very supportive. From the first visit the procedure was explained and all my questions were answered. I never felt rushed or that any question was silly. When I checked in the hospital to have my D.I.E.P procedure I was put at ease by all the staff telling me the Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris do great work.Seven months after my procedure, one revision and nipple tattooing, I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Jeremy, Dr. Chris, and their staff are very caring and professional. I would do it all again, and would definitely choose Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery."


- S.B.

"Dr. Jeremy, the Nurses, and all the staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery helped me feel beautiful again after a cancer diagnosis and a bilateral mastectomy. They are kind, compassionate, honest, and thorough in their care and guided me through a very difficult time.  They provided education and resources to help me choose the best options for surgery and reconstruction. They got me through each of the procedures without any complications. I will tell you the journey was not easy. There was pain, doubt, tears and many sleepless nights.  I cried the first time I wore a T-shirt after my initial surgery, but I made it through with the help and support of the wonderful team at Park Meadows. Today, less than a year later. I feel and look amazing. Now when I put on a T-shirt, there is a huge smile. I am grateful for the amazing care I received and how well I was treated. Looking better than I ever dreamed is an added bonus. Thank you!  Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!"

- L.Z.

"Switching to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery post mastectomy and mid-reconstruction was the best choice we made. Dr. Jeremy Williams expertly took me through the process of single breast reconstruction, correcting the initial path and producing a far better result than I envisioned throughout my breast cancer nightmare.

I had unilateral DIEP flap reconstructive surgery and not only do I not have an implant (as Dr. Williams used all of my own body tissue), but the outcome was also tremendous! Post mastectomy, we started with a different plastic surgeon with the "standard implant path" but realized that the outcome from that process was going to be limited and, in my case, not true to my prior self. My new left breast looks and hangs like my healthy right breast.

My husband is thrilled and says that Jeremy Williams' artwork is like comparing a 6th grade drawing to a Renier! I am grateful and lucky to have found Park Meadows Cosmetic surgery to repair my body after having had breast cancer. I felt I directed my own medical path, with supportive, compassionate and highly competent "team mates" at the office, and [my patient care coordinator] caringly accommodated all my scheduling needs with a smile on her face. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Jeremy Williams for restoring my sense of femininity, which has allowed me to resume a satisfying marital life.

I would be honored to help other breast cancer survivors by representing the outstanding work of Dr. Jeremy Williams in photos on your web site, or by speaking with any women caught in her breast cancer nightmare as she navigates herself through and out of the fog!"

- S.K.

"Mere words are not even close to being enough to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Chris and Dr. Jeremy Williams (no relation) and the entire staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. I underwent bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer and the same day Drs. Chris and Jeremy performed the DIEP Flap procedure on me. Dr. Chris was with me every step of the way last year when I developed multiple infections (caused by chemotherapy) in my abdominal incision. I have had a realistic and favorable outcome by undergoing fat grafting. Dr. Chris is truly my hero and I would recommend him, Dr. Jeremy and PMCS to anyone! They are truly the best in my book!!"

- W.M.

“I never felt rushed or hurried. Dr. Jeremy Williams always had time for me and gave me excellent personal care. Everyone in the office was friendly, caring and supportive!”

- M.H.

“I felt very well taken care of – I have a lot of trust and respect for my doctor and his staff.”

- R.S.