For hundreds of thousands of women each year, breast augmentation (also referred to as breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty) has provided something that clothing or lingerie has been unable to obtain – a natural, long-lasting, feminine figure. At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, our breast augmentation surgeons are privileged to care for women of all ages who are seeking to enhance their natural beauty.

For some of our patients, breast augmentation provides breast volume and shape that has never been present, while for others it restores fullness and balance to their feminine figure that has been lost during weight changes or after pregnancy. We recognize that every woman’s body is different and that “one size” does not fit all. You can view a collection of images in our Before & After Gallery. We have images of both Saline Breast Augmentation and Silicone Breast Augmentation.  

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Through an informative process, our breast augmentation surgeon will assist you in selecting an implant that provides a natural result that fits your body and enhances your overall beauty. We have found that education is the critical underpinning to a successful outcome. Our patients’ experiences are less stressful and more predictable as they become aware of the options and choices available to them and arrive at a decision under the thoughtful guidance of one of our doctors.

As physicians, we feel strongly that cosmetic surgery is a doctor-patient relationship, not a business transaction, and we are certain you will appreciate this difference from your initial consultation through your final recovery.

10 Tips for Better Breast Augmentation Results

Reasons for Choosing Breast Surgery

There are several types of breast surgery, including breast augmentation, performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons. After listening to your goals, our plastic surgeons can help you decide which breast surgery is right for you. The various procedures differ by which breast characteristics they modify:

Breast size. Breast surgery can increase or decrease the volume of your breasts. Our experienced plastic surgeons tailor your procedure to the results you want: Some women are seeking a subtle and natural-looking size increase, while others prefer larger, rounder results. And some women with overly large breasts are seeking to reduce size. Breast surgery can accomplish all these goals and others.

Breast shape and position. If you have experienced a change in the shape of your breasts, breast surgery can restore a full, round shape. A procedure can also eliminate breast sagging, which is a common result of aging, pregnancy and weight fluctuations. 

Tuberous breast deformity. Tuberous breast deformity is not uncommon. It is a condition in which one or both of your breasts have a narrow, tube-like shape, instead of a round shape. Tuberous breasts can be caused by a breast fold that is positioned too high, or abnormally tight breast skin. Breast implants are often the most effective way to restore rounder, fuller breasts.

Inverted nipples. Constricted tissues can cause the nipples to draw inward. This condition is experienced by some women and even a small percentage of men. Our board-certified plastic surgeons create a more normal appearance with a simple procedure that spreads out the constricted tissue.

Mastectomy or lumpectomy. After breast cancer surgery, our plastic surgeons can perform breast reconstruction. There are several techniques, and you deserve to understand each of your options and what your breasts will look like after surgery. Our plastic surgeons will describe these reconstructive techniques and show you photos of results.

Breast augmentation and other breast procedures can restore your confidence in your body. The only way to know if you are a good candidate is to visit our surgeons for a consultation.

Learn about the Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Technique here.

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