BOTOX Providers in DenverToday, you see BOTOX® offered at locations none of us would have expected 10 years ago. All types of practitioners and spa aestheticians seem to offer BOTOX® now.

Don't make cost the only factor. According to, experienced BOTOX® providers tend to be the costliest across the country. Although you may see BOTOX® injections advertised for very little, it's very important to make cost only one of the factors when choosing a practitioner and to recognize that many practitioners charge based on their experience and skill.

Find out specifically who will be injecting the BOTOX®. Is it an experienced and licensed aesthetician? A doctor? Does the clinic or spa say your procedure is only "doctor supervised" and not actually performed by a doctor or licensed aesthetician?

Don't be shy about asking questions. No matter how experienced the practitioner is, don't hesitate to ask questions and raise concerns. Communication is key to getting a good result. Ask what you wish about side effects, what to expect from the treatment and what your results will look like. You should also feel empowered by your practitioner to describe what you want to change about your face and what you want the end results to be.

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