Your Denver tummy tuck procedure will remove excess fat and skin from your midsection as well as tighten and firm your abdominal muscles. This procedure will not interfere with your ability to become pregnant in the future, but pregnancy will, without a doubt, impact your tummy tuck results.

When you are pregnant, your body undergoes necessary changes to help nourish and accommodate your growing baby. These include the accumulation of fat deposits and a separation of the abdominal muscles, both of which require skin to stretch to allow for the changes in size. While it is not necessary, you may wish to wait until after you have finished having children to undergo tummy tuck surgery to minimize your risks of needing a repeat procedure.

Why Wait?

Not only can a tummy tuck contour and strengthen your entire midsection,, but it can be coupled with a breast enhancement procedure or liposuction for optimal results. This makes the tummy tuck procedure an ideal part of a mommy makeover.

Waiting until after you have finished having children to have a tummy tuck enables our plastic surgeons to address all of the areas pregnancy and nursing can impact. This can be discussed with you in more detail during your initial Denver tummy tuck consultation.

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