Arm lift surgery improves the appearance of the upper arms for men and women who are experiencing excess, hanging skin and fat in the area between the underarm and elbow. Typical results of this procedure are:

  • Improved upper arm definition
  • Removal of loose, hanging upper arm skin and fat
  • Smoother upper arm skin

This type of hanging upper arm skin is often the result of aging. As you grow older, your skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Droopy upper arm skin can also be the result of significant weight loss, such as what may occur after bariatric surgery. In any case, this skin is unlikely to tighten with toning exercises, and surgery may be the most effective option for reducing it.

The results of arm lift surgery are long lasting. The skin and fat that is removed is removed permanently. If you gain significant weight, you may notice a recurrence of extra fat and skin on the upper arm. Skin will also continue to sag as you age, so there may be a slight recurrence of droopiness as you grow older. But the vast majority of arm lift patients are quite happy with their results and continue to be happy with the results for many years.

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