Is there a perfect breast shape? Some researchers set out to find the answer. What they found was that most people favor a breast with an upper pole to lower pole ratio of 45:55. That ratio means that, with the nipple as the dividing line, 45 percent of the breast is located above the nipple and 55 percent below. This shape is one of the outcomes that can be achieved with breast augmentation.

The researchers asked 1,315 people to rank the appearance of four breast images. The images had been Photoshopped so that the following upper pole to lower pole ratios were depicted: 35:65, 45:55, 50:50, and 55:45. Findings of the survey included:

  • 94 percent of plastic surgeons surveyed favored the 45:55 breast proportion
  • 90 percent of men favored the 45:55 breast proportion
  • 86 percent of women under 40 favored the 45:55 breast proportion

You can see a video and the images here:

The 50:50 ratio, which looked fuller and rounder, was the second most favored, although not by very close margins. The 45:55 ratio represents a breast with more lower fullness, which lends to a more natural shape with nipples pointing ever so slightly upward.

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