Facial rejuvenation can non-surgically restore more youthful facial characteristics. If you are located in Colorado, the staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery will provide you with guidance on the specific areas of your face that will respond well to injectables and dermal fillers. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery carries a variety of injectables and fillers, including Juvederm© XC, Juvederm Voluma© XC, and BOTOX®, as well as SkinMedica© skin care products.

Facial fillers and injectables typically work well in certain facial treatment areas, including the following:

  • Facial lines that appear between the mouth and the nose
  • Facial lines that appear between the chin and the mouth
  • Facial lines that appear around the mouth
  • Around the border of the lips
  • Facial lines that appear above the upper lip
  • Facial lines that are typically referred to as "frown lines"
  • Areas around the cheeks or cheekbones that have lost volume due to age
  • Along the jaw line
  • Around the eyes
  • Between the eyebrows

If you are seeking a more youthful facial appearance, non-surgical facial rejuvenation is a great option, with little to no downtime.

For more information about facial rejuvenation and all of its benefits, please contact Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation. We serve patients throughout the Colorado area, and we are happy to help you achieve the rejuvenated facial appearance that you are seeking.