A new year is a time to remember old acquaintances and ponder self-reflection, so you can strive to be a better person than in years past. If you’ve dedicated yourself to a balanced diet and exercise program in an effort toward self-improvement but haven’t achieved the noticeable results you had hoped for, you may be a perfect candidate for liposuction. This cosmetic procedure can shape and sculpt your body into a more flattering figure when diet and exercise fall short of your expectations.

Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery offers liposuction in Colorado. Our Board Certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams, provide a variety of liposuction techniques to meet your individual needs. Advancements in liposuction technology also allows patients to choose from less invasive techniques in order to achieve the same, sleek results patients have come to expect. Some liposuction options we provide at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery include the tumescent technique, power assisted Liposuction (PAL), the super-wet technique, and ultrasound assisted Liposuction (UAL).

Everyone has different problem areas they’d like to address. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Christopher Williams can accommodate these differences, suggesting the most effective liposuction technique for your individual case and providing liposuction on a variety of areas, such as the chin or neck, chest (for Gynecomastia or male breast tissue), “love handles” (flanks), upper arms, back, abdomen, inner thighs, “saddle bags” (outer thighs), hips, and knees. One or more of these areas can be addressed during the same surgery. Speak to your surgeon to determine the technique and treatment location that will best address your concerns.

Let liposuction fulfill your New Year’s resolution! Your newfound curves and contours are something to cheer about in the years to come. Christopher G. Williams, M.D. and Jeremy Z. Williams, M.D., and their staff welcome any questions you may have about Liposuction in Colorado. You can contact us at our Denver, Colorado office at 303.706.1100, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Christopher Williams or Dr. Jeremy Williams.

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