Inverted nipples, in which the nipples turn inward, are not all that uncommon among women, and even some men. But if you have inverted nipples, you may be very unhappy and self-conscious about the way they look. With nipple revision surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons can correct the underlying cause by releasing the tension in the tissues that is pulling the nipples inward.

Women with inverted nipples experience one of three levels of inversion. If you are experiencing this issue, your nipples may be inverted normally but protrude in response to cold or touch. Or, your nipples may protrude only if you gently press them outward. At the third level, inverted nipples may not protrude under any conditions.

Most women with inverted nipples do not have any problems breastfeeding, although it's possible that an infant will not be able to properly latch on to a nipple that cannot become erect.

If you decide to pursue surgical correction of nipple inversion (which can be combined with breast augmentation or other breast surgeries), the experienced, compassionate and board-certified plastic surgeons at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery can guide you through the process of deciding if corrective surgery is right for you. Our plastic surgeons use a technique that preserves the milk ducts but releases the fibers pulling the nipples inward. The method we use releases these fibers by dividing and spreading them, instead of severing the milk ducts.

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