Liposuction cost varies depending on a number of factors, and you can obtain an estimate from our office to know the cost under your circumstances. The final cost is influenced by many different aspects of care, such as:

  • The surgeon's experience
  • Type of anesthesia used and time needed in the operating room
  • Surgical facility used
  • Region and city in which liposuction is performed
  • Number of areas treated

The cost of liposuction may be greater at a certain practice if the plastic surgeon is especially well qualified and experienced. If advanced technology and safety equipment is used, that can influence cost as well.

Cost is an important factor for any patient, but you must be careful not to base your choice of surgeon on cost alone. The most expensive liposuction surgeon isn't necessarily the best, and your choice also should not be based on finding the cheapest possible surgeon. When meeting with prospective surgeons, ask about cost and factor it into your decision making, but also ask about experience, qualifications, safety and past results. You should also ask about financing, as many plastic surgeons offer payment plans through companies such as CareCredit.

To learn more about liposuction in Lone Tree, Colorado, please contact Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon caring for patients from Denver and across the state.