Dr. Jeremy Williams played in a golf tournament for the Fore A-Breast Foundation

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Posted: August 31, 2016

Dr. Jeremy Williams played in a golf tournament for the Fore A-Breast Foundation and all the proceeds went to help generate funds for cancer care in Southern Colorado. He played with Phil Marin, MD, a physician in Pueblo. Marin and Williams went to residency together at Johns Hopkins.

Fore A-Breast Foundation,Inc. Was established in November 2002. by dianna L. Moore. It is a provate, locally operated, non-profit organiza-tion, recognized by the State of Colorado. Our purpose is to make life a little more comforatble for those experiencing the tragedy of breast cancer. Our supportive service revolves around inforam-tion, education and finan-cial relief. .

We rely solely on people like you to assist us in maintaining this founda-tion in order to serve those in need.

The main foundraising event is the annual Fore A-Breast Golf Open, an 18 hole Golf Tournament, held at Hollydot Golf Course in scenic Colorado City. The tournament is a 4 person scramble format. Teams may be made up of any combination of men or women.

This was our 15th year at hollydot. Our Main sponsor this year was Dr. Philip Marin and Dr. Charles kessler, They sup-ported the whole tourna-ment.

A Local Business helped us tremendously with our trounament, The Fast Break Food Store, This is the Subway, Liquor Store and Gas Station. I hope everyone supports him.

He was very ghenerous with the Foundation. The results this year were:

1st Place First Flight: Scott Alire, Vic Solano, Bo arguello, Bill Schroeder.

2nd Place First Flight: Alan Garst, Lefty, Shane, Jordon Colareli

3rd Place First Flight: Dr. Philip Marin, Heidi Marin Dr. Mike Coatney, Dr. Jeremy Williams

1st Place Second Flight: Marlene Cline, Dusty Cline, Darlene Mullens, Bill Mullens

2nd Place Second Flight: Greg Rodrioues, Ron Tomco Chris Martines, John Duran

3rd Place Second Flight: David Marie Romero, Ron Romero

Our Putting Champion: Bill Schroeder

Thank You to Everyone for your Support

“Our Mission Statement”

Our sole purpose is to help provide financial and emotional assistance to breast cancer patients in treatment and to elevate the quality of their lives.

Let us give you a reason to smile.