This single-stage, implant-based breast reconstruction provides a way to have your breasts reconstructed at the time of mastectomy. Working with your oncologist and your other physicians, our board-certified plastic surgeons will make sure you are a good candidate for this reconstructive breast surgery technique.

Ordinarily, at the time of mastectomy, the plastic surgeon uses a tissue expander for a number of weeks before an implant is placed in the breast. The tissue expander is gradually filled with saline fluid, stretching the skin to make a pocket to accommodate a breast implant. For some women, this step is not necessary. These women may be able to have breast implants placed immediately in the direct-to-implant breast reconstruction procedure.

Although a consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, generally candidacy factors include:

  • Having relatively smaller breasts before mastectomy, because the tissue may not need to be expanded for implant placement.
  • No history of breast or chest radiation.
  • Undergoing a prophylactic mastectomy.

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