Both saline and silicone breast implants have their own benefits and risks, and our plastic surgeons are committed to making sure you understand your options.

Some of the advantages of silicone breast implants include:

  • Natural look and feel
  • Gel maintains its shape in the event of tears or ruptures
  • Excellent safety profile

For these reasons, many women have chosen silicone breast implants, but that doesn't mean they're right for you. They may or may not fit your expectations of implants, and our plastic surgeons will help you decide and explain all of the risks and benefits associated with this type of implant.

On the other hand, saline breast implants are a better option for some of our patients. The main advantages of the breast implant type are:

  • May allow for a slightly smaller incision, in certain cases
  • Flexible volume can be adjusted during your procedure
  • Filled with a saltwater solution that is similar to fluids within your body

The only way to determine which may be right for you is to discuss your goals and expectations with one of our plastic surgeons.

If you live in Lone Tree, Denver or the surrounding areas and want to discuss which type of breast implant may be right for you, please contact Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons.