One of the most common reasons some people seek eyelid surgery is to restore vision impaired by sagging eyelids. As you grow older, you may have noticed puffiness and droopiness of the upper eyelid skin. This happens to just about everybody as we age and our skin loses its elasticity. Unfortunately, this drooping skin not only makes us look tired and aged, it can also obstruct your field of vision.

There are other benefits to upper eyelid surgery, such as:

  • Removes excess eyelid skin
  • Repositions and removes upper eyelid fat deposits
  • Creates a youthful, rejuvenated eye appearance

Do people often ask if you look tired? Is it difficult to apply eye makeup? These are two common reasons people seek eyelid surgery, in addition to difficulty seeing. For many of our patients, there are both cosmetic and functional benefits to eyelid surgery.

This procedure is fairly common, and you can return home shortly after it is completed. Once you heal, you should notice an immediate difference in your ability to see free from the obstruction of hanging eyelid skin.

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