Breast enlargement can be performed with either silicone gel or saline breast implants. Both types of breast implants have an outer shell made of durable but flexible silicone. Either silicone gel or saline fluid can be the fill material.

The advantages of choosing silicone breast implants include:

  • A natural appearance and feel
  • Cohesive gel maintains its shape even if the outer shell breaks

Silicone gel breast implants are FDA approved for women age 22 and older. Some women prefer saline implants for breast augmentation. These implants:

  • May have a slightly less natural appearance and feel than silicone implants
  • Are FDA-approved for women age 18 and older

Both types of breast implants are durable and long-lasting. During your complimentary initial cosmetic consultation, one of our experienced plastic surgeons can help you choose the breast implant type that is right for you. We are committed to providing each of our patients with personalized care and treatment options to produce the look you have always wanted.

To learn more about breast implants and if they may be right for your cosmetic goals, please contact Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Our plastic surgeons perform breast enlargement with breast implants in the Denver area.