As you read about breast augmentation and implants, you may be coming across the following terms:

  • Saline fluid: A sterile salt-water solution used to fill saline breast implants.
  • Silicone gel: A sticky, cohesive gel closely resembling human fat that is used to fill silicone implants.
  • Implant profile: A feature that describes the projection of an implant, i.e., how far it sticks out from your chest. Profiles tend to be rated as low, moderate and high, sometimes with more profiles in between. A low profile round implant will have a broader base than a high profile round implant, which will have a narrower base.
  • Sub-pectoral/Sub-muscular: Terms referring to breast implant placement behind the pectoral muscle.
  • Sub-glandular/Sub-mammary: Terms referring to breast implant placement behind the breast tissue and in front of the pectoral muscle.
  • Round shape: Breast implants with a round shape.
  • Anatomic shape: Breast implants with a tear-drop shape designed to mimic the shape of a natural breast.

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