Myths about BOTOXCurious about BOTOX® Cosmetic? This rejuvenating facial injectable has garnered a lot of myths over the years. Here are 5 of them:

  1. MYTH: BOTOX® will freeze my expressiveness. BOTOX® is very precise in the muscular action it relaxes. When we inject the medication, it is injected into a specific location in order to bring about a more youthful facial appearance. It will not affect the other muscles in your face, so you'll still be able to express yourself fully.
  2. MYTH: The injections hurt! While everyone's sensitivity levels are unique, generally people do not report much pain with BOTOX® injections. You will probably feel some mild discomfort as the needle is inserted, but it will be quite brief. The fine needles are usually described as causing a pinching sensation for a couple seconds. We offer our patients an ice pack both before and after the treatment.
  3. MYTH: BOTOX® treats every type of facial wrinkle. The injectable in fact softens "dynamic wrinkles," which are the wrinkles formed by the action of muscles in your face. Examples include the vertical lines between your eyebrows and crow's feet. Folds and fine lines caused by aging and environmental factors typically require a facial filler to restore volume and smooth them out.
  4. MYTH: Only women get BOTOX®. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 410,000 men got BOTOX® in 2014, which was a 7 percent increase from the previous year. Many men also have a desire to look youthful, and to stay competitive in social and professional settings.
  5. MYTH: Anyone can inject BOTOX®. From dentists to spas, it seems everyone these days is offering BOTOX® Cosmetic to their clientele. While the vast majority of people offering the injections are doing so within the legal parameters set by the State of Colorado, you may want to consider choosing an experienced plastic surgery practice that specializes in cosmetic injectables and procedures. But at a minimum, you should ask the provider if he or she is legally allowed to provide BOTOX® in Colorado.

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