Eyelid surgery, which is also called blepharoplasty, is a procedure that can help improve the appearance and/or functionality of your eyelids. Because the eyes and eyelids are a focal point on the face, many eyelid surgery patients are interested in learning more about how a blepharoplasty procedure can help them rejuvenate this particular area on their face.

Many people are excellent candidates for eyelid surgery, which makes it one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures.

Following are characteristics of typical blepharoplasty candidates:

  • People who do not have medical conditions that could hinder the recovery process
  • People who do not smoke
  • People who are reasonably healthy
  • People who are not currently experiencing any type of eye condition that could interfere with the procedure
  • People who understand the blepharoplasty procedure and have reasonable expectations of results

If you are experiencing drooping upper eyelids or puffy lower eyelids, a blepharoplasty might be an excellent option for you. The results of the procedure can drastically affect your self-esteem and self-confidence - and can cause you to look younger, less tired and more alert.

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