Male Plastic Surgery DenverAccording to a recent story from CBS, men who have undergone plastic surgery are becoming increasingly open and honest about their choices. Although women continue to represent the largest group of plastic surgery patients, CBS reports that cosmetic procedures among men has increased 106 percent since 1997.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures among men in 2012 were:

1. Nose Reshaping – 62,000 procedures

2. Eyelid Surgery – 29,000 procedures

3. Liposuction – 23,000 procedures

4. Male Breast Reduction – 21,000 procedures

5. Facelift – 12,000 procedures

CBS says part of the reason for more male plastic surgery patients may have to do with the recession, when many middle aged and older men become concerned about being able to compete in the changing job market.

Like women, many of our male patients want a more youthful, refreshed look so they can feel more confident. Sometimes the most subtle cosmetic change, such as can be achieved in eyelid surgery, can dramatically rejuvenate your entire look.

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