Interested in a body lift procedure to reduce drooping skin? Consider these 6 things to know about this type of plastic surgery:

  1. A body lift can target your arms, abdomen, hips or thighs.
  2. Body lift procedures are well-suited to areas of your body with loose, hanging skin.
  3. You may benefit from body lifting surgery if you recently underwent bariatric surgery or otherwise lost a significant amount of weight.
  4. Body lift surgery is typically the only way to remove sagging skin, which will not shrink no matter how much you exercise or diet.
  5. Body lift procedures are not well-suited to removing deposits of fat, which are often better suited to liposuction surgery.
  6. Although body lift procedures are not typically covered by health insurance, financing options are available to help you plan payment for these procedures.

As a result of aging or weight loss, skin sagging is quite common. You deserve to feel great about your body, and our experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons will help you decide if body lift surgery is the right way to get the body contours you want.

If you live in or around Denver and are interested in body life surgery to reduce loose, hanging skin, please contact Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Lone Tree, Colorado.