5 Ways Breast Implants are Customized to You

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Posted: October 10, 2016

Breast implants have several features that are adapted to your desired results:

1. Size: You may be most excited about choosing a size. When you visit us for your consultation, you will try on breast implant "sizers" with the assistance of the Patient Care Coordinator. These sizers are breast implants you place under your bra so you can visualize various sizes. You can also view our before-and-after photos to get a further idea of size. Our gallery includes the age, height, and weight of the patients who have allowed us to use their photos in the gallery. 

2. Shape: Breast implants come in a round shape or in an "anatomical shape," which looks like a teardrop (fuller at the bottom and tapered at the top). Both of these shapes can look natural within the breasts.

3. Shell texture: The surface of the implant can be smooth or textured. There are pros and cons to each. The textured surface was created to provide improved adhesion for the breast tissue, in order to prevent the risk of implant rotation.

4. Fill material: Breast implants can be filled with saline or silicone. Both types have a natural look and feel, although saline is more prone to rippling and wrinkling. Silicone gel implants were banned during the 90s because of speculation that silicone could possibly lead to certain health problems. No definitive connection was found, and these implants have had a long-standing safety profile since their reintroduction in 2006.

5. Incision location: There are three main locations where incisions may be made. The most preferred method is the inframammary fold incision, which extends along the crease of the lower portion of the breast.

All of these things are discussed during your consultation at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. You can rely on us to provide you with the guidance and information you need to make decisions about breast augmentation.

To schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation to discuss breast implants at our Denver-area practice, please call Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery at 303-706-1100. We are conveniently located in Lone Tree, Colorado, and serve people from across the state.

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