5 Reasons for Breast Surgery

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Posted: December 4, 2016

Reasons for seeking breast surgery

There are many breast surgeries available allowing you to accomplish your cosmetic goals by addressing the specific characteristics you want to change:

Breast size. Whether to increase size or reduce size, breast surgery can modify the volume of your breasts. Breast surgery is adapted to the aesthetic results you want. Many women today are seeking a natural-looking, subtle increase in fullness, but breast surgery can also create large, round breasts or reduce the size of heavy, overly full breasts.

Breast shape and position. Women who have experienced a change in the shape of their breasts may seek breast surgery to restore a fuller, rounder shape while eliminating the sagginess that can result from aging, pregnancy and weight changes.

Tuberous breast deformity. Many women experience some degree of tuberous breast deformity, in which one or both breasts are shaped narrowly and look more tube-like than round because of an abnormally high breast fold or abnormally tight skin around the breast. Breast implants are often a good way to create rounder, fuller breasts that are more symmetrical.

Inverted nipples. Some women and a small number of men experience this issue in which the nipples are drawn inward because of constricted tissues surrounding the nipple. With a simple procedure to spread out the constricted tissue, our board-certified plastic surgeons can create a more normal appearance.

Mastectomy or lumpectomy. Various reconstructive techniques restore the breasts after breast cancer surgery. You deserve to know all of these various options and what the results will look like. Our experienced reconstructive breast surgeons can describe all of your options and show you photos of results.

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