The RegiMEN Skin Care System for Men

Everyone wants great-looking skin that is free from signs of aging and damage. Men are no exception—they tend to feel more handsome and confident when their skin is clear.

More guys are adding cleansers, moisturizers, and other treatments to their grooming arsenals to combat common skin concerns. But there are a lot of products out there, and it can be hard to know what to use and when. The RegiMEN System by SkinMedica® makes it easy, by giving you the exact products that you need to rejuvenate your skin.

How Does Scar Revision Work?

Scar Revision TreatmentLiving with scars can be an embarrassing experience. It’s sometimes difficult to enjoy your daily activities if you are self-conscious about these imperfections on your skin. And if you are considering plastic surgery, you will have a scar from the surgical incision.

3 Ways to Protect your Skin this Summer

At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you restore a more youthful face by filling in wrinkles and areas of volume loss with the completely non-surgical Juvederm and Botox. Wrinkles are a normal part of aging, but certain environmental factors can influence how your face ages. Sun is a big factor in the appearance of your skin. Years and years of sun exposure can cause brown spots and fine lines. Of course there is also a risk of skin cancer from unprotected sun exposure.