Choosing a breast implant size is one of the most important aspects of preparing for breast augmentation. Breast implant size allows you to achieve the breast appearance you have always wanted.

Our experienced cosmetic team and plastic surgeons provide the information and support you need to choose a breast implant size that will produce the final results you want to see. Please call Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery at (720) 457-4471 to arrange a complimentary cosmetic consultation.

Discussing Breast Implant Size with Our Team

Like choosing between saline breast implants and silicone breast implants, size is one of your breast augmentation options as well. During your initial visits to our practice, one of our plastic surgeons will assess your body frame and present the range of breast implant sizes available to you. Your choice of breast implant size involves consideration of the following factors:

  • The breast size you are envisioning
  • Chest and breast measurements, such as the base diameter of the breast
  • Your body frame
  • Your expectations for the final esthetic outcome

These factors will help you and your plastic surgeon discuss the range of possible breast implant sizes you should consider. After meeting with your surgeon, you will try on "sizers" with a Patient Care Coordinator to better select the size implant you choose. These sizers fit under a bra and give the illusion of a breast implant, allowing you to better imagine your body with breast implants

How to Choose Breast Implant Size

Breast implants are measured by their volume in cubic centimeters (CCs). This sizing is a departure from measuring breasts in terms of bra cup size. When you discuss breast implant size with us, it can be helpful to talk about the cup size you want to be, because it helps us get a better picture of the look you want.

But the end result of your breast augmentation may or may not be the cup size you discuss, because breast implants are not measured that way and because it's more important to achieve the results you want rather than a bra cup size, which differs between bra manufacturers anyway.

In addition to cup size, photos are another tool you can use to discuss your desired size. If there are photos you've seen that you like, you can bring the photos to your consultation. Breast implants cannot make you look like these women, but the photos can provide us with an idea of the body proportions you want; that is, the size you want your breasts to be relative to your hips, waist, shoulders and body frame. Remember, though, sometimes it can be hard to tell the weight, height, or frame of the photos you select, so this should have little bearing on your overall expectations.  Your surgeon will remind you of that as well.  

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